About This Guy

heagle_bioMichael Heagle has been making movies since the fifth grade, back when you did it with Super8 that you had processed at KMart and projected on a bedsheet. He harkens from Mukwonago, Wisconsin, and attended the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, from which he holds a BFA in Film. While there, he shot a film with his buddy Mark Borchardt (AMERICAN MOVIE) called TOGA PARTY MASSACRE. Upon graduating, Michael tried his hand at a number of self-funded, independent projects, in which he filled the roles, variously, of screenwriter, director, production designer, editor, and visual effects supervisor.

Michael’s film work includes Troma’s GO TO HELL, the sci fi western PLANETFALL, and the ambitious student-made feature film TERROR REPORT, co-produced with members of Art Institute International, Minnesota’s school of Visual Effects and Motion Graphics where he is a faculty member. As a performer Michael has been seen in the Minneapolis-based live series ATOMIC SHOCK THEATER and is co-creator of the puppet monster sitcom series TRANSYLVANIA TELEVISION. He is currently completing his Masters Degree in Animation and Visual Effects from Academy of Art University in San Francisco.